status quo-te

I think the healthy thing to do is to accept the fact that it’s never going to work. It may be heartbreaking but at least you can try to enjoy other things, and move on when you are ready.

False hope in love… it’s gonna kill your sanity.


simply journal

I said I like you I like you

but I love you to the bones

I said it’s okay it’s okay

but I am shattered I am cold

we are friends we are the best of friends

but I know I know

if you don’t love me I will one day fade away


I write I have to write

I can’t share my joy and sorrow with you anymore

I can’t tell you about my day anymore

I can’t have you by my side anymore

It is getting harder to smile when all I think about is you with him

Oh, I didn’t know I am still so fragile


I hate this I hate him

perhaps I am jealous

but I hate that he brings you down

I hate that he takes your time and cages you in

I hate that I care about this so much

why why why


You told me I should love myself more

so I know how to love others better

I am still trying to figure out how

when I just want to give all my love to you

is this why is this why you don’t love me

perhaps I should learn to be more selfish


I was sad

I was lost

I was angry

I am just going to love you until I can’t anymore

No matter how many times, how many years

That’s the only thing I know how to do

I never learn