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I believe one of the main causes of (large scale) conflicts is the lack of knowledge and education. What makes us human is the ability to reason, to make logical choices and to live better, just as the way we use tools. So if everyone knows more about what they are doing, and where they are going, wouldn’t they make the better choice when they are given the chance?

The ultimate goal of this project is to create a platform providing information, facts, news, opinions, and most importantly, visions from anyone everywhere to everyone anywhere in hopes to resolve differences and to educate each other with perspectives.

We all have our own powers. As we reason and understand one another, maybe we can achieve something great… TOGETHER.


This project started with the blogging. And now, I am working on designs and setting up the website as

I am working on this project on my own. And step by step it is slowly coming together.

Ultimately, I want to set up free internet and computer service in regions that can not afford it, and (neutral) education supplies to regions that do not have it.


Thousands years ago, people probably thought the city or tribe they live in is the entire world. Then nations were found. Some more years later, people know the earth is round and how big the world “really” is… I think some more years later, people will find out how big the universe is. I just hope it’s not too late.

I wish everyone can see this world – this universe – is not just what they have right in front of them. So much more to explore. And we, together, have so much potential to achieve great things.

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