realization of the imminent ending

It seems like a life time ago that I started this book. There has been ups and downs, and now we’ve finally overcome the hardships and life is about to be begin again. Happiness has finally come. But when I feel the pages, whatever is left feels so thin. Life is short.

I am at a movie. The fight, the struggle, the adventure is coming to an end as the enemies are defeated and the problems have been overcome. But wait, what is that the bad guy left behind!? And the credit rolls. Life is full of suspense.

I think this song is truly the contemporary music with traditional orchestra and electric dubstep remixed. My heart flew to the top and now it has come to an end as everything does.

I am trying to get over my deep desperate feeling for her. It’s been about 3 years that I constantly think of her and feel so much for her. I don’t think I can ever forget this feeling. I don’t think I will ever lose this feeling. Though she’s no longer in my life, this love makes me want to reach for her once more. And so I try. Before it all ends, I wish to have done everything I can do, that I can still do.

In the past week, I’ve been chatting with a close friend, for whom the big crush I had was almost as strong of a feeling as my lost desperate love. As the other is the moon, she’s the sun. She’s bright, warm, positive and healing with beautiful smiles. I feel such great, pure, simple joy with her in my life. As I feel the thin pages, the distance between us will again take place. We are literally world apart. I am simply a rest stop for her mind. She will return to her partner and her journey. And I, though with bitterness, will save these moments, these happiness, these true treasure I’ve gathered. Because in this story, I am just an inn keeper for my traveling friends.

Ending seems imminent, but while we can, let’s savor the moments with no regrets.


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