simply journal

* There are a million things flying through my mind every time I use the word love. When I tell my dearest friends “I love you”, my heart stops a little and small explosions go off in the back of my head. From time to time, I would also reconsider whether if the word is properly used, especially since only two of my dearest friends are NOT beautiful girls (guys, that is).

* I am extremely insecure. I am always afraid that what I am and how I feel will scare away the people that I love, but I also wish I am able to share all of it…

* Just had dinner and watched Iron Man 3 with mom. I know as I get older, I will probably have less and less time for her. So I treasure every moment… Iron Man 3 was quite disappointing, though; and I got business calls in the middle of it… bummer.

* I wish I can enjoy “cleavage” and sexy pretty legs a little more, like other men. I am not saying I don’t enjoy it. A lot crosses my mind every time, I think it’s attractive, arousing and beautiful, but in the end, I am not sure where to look and somehow my thought always ends with “this young lady should put on a jacket” or “that skirt is too short, 80% of her legs is showing!”… like I already have the heart of a father of daughters, even though I’ve never dated and I am only turning 24.. or is that just the right old-ness? Plus 80% is a little too much isn’t it? Maybe I am just not feeling it, Yet.


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