simply journal

It’s like going to a dance to stand there. Drinking whatever is available until you can’t hold any more. Release and do it again and again until the end of night. You have been watching, just watching things move. You are not particularly sad or depressed; perhaps a little lonely. You thought about joining the move, but it just seem… not you; at least not something to do by yourself. When the night ends, you are simply confused about the reason you are there. You’ve realized you really had not point being there, yet you spent the money and chose to be there…

When I walk, I tend to lean towards the person that’s next to me, subconsciously and uncontrollably. I am perfectly capable of walking on my own, but I just can’t help to walk in to the person that’s right next to me; stepping on toes and apologizing, and backing out and backing in again unconsciously. It seems to be my nature to do so.


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