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Earlier today on my way to work, I saw a little boy around 10 year-old riding the train all by himself. It was about 9 pm. I think it was really late for any child of that age to be out wandering in the city. But to be honest, I don’t care much about someone I don’t know. What caught my eyes were the fancy gaming device and the smart phone that he had on him. He was playing a game on his PSP and then received a call on what seemed like a htc phone.

With the scene set up as it was, I couldn’t help to wonder all the reasons that this kid was taking the train by himself. I think it was one of those things that just lead you to imagine the stories behind the scene.

In my head, I see a realistic cliche with a pair of hard working parents that just don’t have enough time for their child. They still love their kid so much, and so they grant their kid every wish, giving him everything whether he needs it or not, whether he should have it or not; it was a way for them to make up for the it. But the only thing that came out of trying to make up for what they missed is missing more because they’ve only accomplished making themselves feel better about the situation.

So now the kid is traveling by himself. As he gets a little older, he starts to feel that his parents can never understand him. In fact, since he has always traveled by himself, he feels like no one can understand him. He may meet some really nice people and make some really good friends. But some little things are always missing; perhaps he is just not sure the right way to love.

He still loves his parents very much. He does his best to make them happy and reach some expectations that aren’t really there. After going to school for the sake of them, he’s quite lost. He has some idea what to he wants to do. Actually, there’s so much he wants to do. But he doesn’t know how, because everything that he wants to do seems so unfamiliar. And in his mid-twenties, while he’s not sure how to go on and doesn’t know how to ask for help just like he doesn’t know how to love, he’s taking baby steps again…

I am not old enough to see what happens afterwards yet…


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