Photography Proposal

[digital photography]

This is something I have been feeling lately:

I live and grew up in the city. But how I feel about the city life is probably not the best that it can be.

The city life, though equipped with all the modern technology and easy access to everything… the noise, the pollution, the mutated city bugs, the crowd, the pressure, the ignorance, the cold souls and so many little things that can be easily gotten used to and endured as people pursue their dreams and success, are becoming the source of my stress and frustration.

And most importantly, it’s not alright to be just alright in the city… I feel caged and lonely in this big city… I want to be free of this… 

This is a rather simple idea. Someone probably has done it, but I just can’t find it…

A series of photos in the crowds on the streets walking without interacting with each other – just like real life. Everything is colorless except for the one person:

– first person: a kid following his/her parents, holding toys in his hands and looking up and upper than the skyline.

– second person: a teenager on his/her way to school, stopping and reaching out into the sky.

– third person: a young man/woman, just standing in the middle of the moving crowd.

– forth person: a working man/woman dropping his/her work stuff (bag and such); papers flying everywhere. The man/woman, with tears in eyes, stares into the cloudy sky.

– fifth person: an old man/woman drops his/her cane (or similar symbol) and jump to reach the sky.

[titled – A City of Loneliness]


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