simply journal

I think I am pretty quick learner, because I can quickly grasp the core of things. Like math, the equations, then applications. Like Physics, the laws of nature. Like programming, the language and functions, speak naturally. Or like a job, learn and figure out what matter and what don’t, efficiently finish what needs to be done for the week and then make time to do my own stuff…

What I can never learn… life, emotions, love, relationships, and such vague yet important part to our souls. Things of such importance should have rules to go by, and to do at least okay, we just need to follow the rules… but there are no rules. These made up our lives yet they are the most random, chaotic, crazy things we will ever encounter. These elements of madness make us human.

When I thought there’s a certain logic to love, to loving someone and to relationships, everything comes out to surprise and punch me in the face, and leaves me crying in agony.

Something I can never learn. It’s driving me crazy.

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