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As a sentimentalist, I think I am just not ready to move on from this feeling for you without a proper apology and a proper goodbye.

But as a coward, I can never have the courage to say the words when I face you.

So as a madman deeply and desperately in love with you, I am sending you a letter.

As an optimist, I hope I will be able to reach you, and you will be able to understand how I feel and how much I feel for you.

As a realist, I understand there’s not a chance in this universe for us to be what I wish us to be.

And as a pessimist, I know you probably find me unpleasant.

But as a day-dreamer, I can’t stop dreaming of the slightest hope for you even to just be in my life again.

As Phyllis Theroux once said, “To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart,” I hope my heart can travel to the other end of the earth to find you, and all of me is at your disposal.

It is the last of it.

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