simply journal

I am sentimental with extreme mood swings. Any little things can push me from one end to another.

I have terrible memories, and often get my imagination and dreams mixed up with reality and memory. It is all in my head.

I can’t focus. Whims take the main stage and lead my thoughts. Perhaps that’s what my heart really wants.

All I can think about lately is you and my uncontrollably strong feelings for you. There wasn’t really a beginning and wasn’t really an end; the story just stopped telling itself.

I want to pursue my dreams – an artist, an writer, an musician – but I can’t help to think that maybe what I have is all I deserve.

I know I have problems; some I can fix, some I can’t. It is actually quite interesting how I can always see my problems very clearly, and I know exactly what I need to do, but I can’t do them.

My logical mind wages war against my wild heart. Both are lost! Both are lost!


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