the honest man

He is the kind of person that would say anything to your face – nothing terrible, just the truth… bluntly, the plain truth. You won’t and can’t really get mad at him for it. It is the truth, for one. He is also genuine about it; genuinely, with kindness and seriousness, speaks his mind.

However, he doesn’t read people and situation. Not that he can’t, he just doesn’t. Even though it is the truth, some people just can’t take it to their face. They rather have people talk behind their back so they don’t have to think about it, or they can think about it just the way they like it. Not everyone wants the truth. They are happy without it.

The truth isn’t always welcomed. But nothing can stop him from speaking whatever is on his mind. He may even say something like this to a person’s face with kindness and worries, “is there something wrong with your head? It seems like you are not very bright. Maybe you need to get help, yes? I can help.” Maybe that person does need help; probably not, not the way we’d think anyway.

Sometimes, when you watch from the side, you’d feel like something is wrong, but you can’t quite figure out what exactly it is. All of it is the truth. And you know he isn’t trying to offend anyone, especially with such sincerity and kindness…

He is the kind of person that holds nothing back. He suppresses nothing. Everything is out in the open. He has all of his emotions on his face. You’d know whatever is on his mind. When he likes something, he may share with the world of the happiness and the greatness that he feels. When he dislike something, he tries to fix it if he can. When he simply doesn’t care… he simply doesn’t bother.

With all the odd things that he does, you may feel like he’s not very bright. But he is actually great at everything he does. He is incredibly intelligent. He just believes being true can lead to the things that are just right for him. He simply wants to live freely as who he is, not who people wants him to be. It is who he is.

He’s always true, in every way, to himself and to others. He may feel bad sometimes, but he never regrets… How can he? He is living to the fullest of his life.

He is really something, isn’t he? Sometimes, I wonder how this person can actually exist in this world. No matter what life throws at him, he continues to be just the way he is. I envy him. I think to myself, maybe I am not able to just like him, but I can at least be honest to myself, can’t I?

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