simply journal

Aside from all the conflicting thoughts, one of the perks of having extreme rationality running on pure logic and extreme irrationality running on emotions in the same mind and heart is that I can maintain my efficiency doing everything regardless of my mess of a mind. And sometimes, I can think and analyze to find out exactly what I need to do; just often unable to keep my clarity until execution.

When I am not overwhelmed by emotions, I think I have some pretty great ideas.

With two sides so strong, it’s hard to focus on what’s in front of me, especially with my irrational side heavily dependent on the people I love for stability… which is an absolute disaster. So I write things down to try to sort or even just to let out the troubled emotions. Hopefully… hopefully, it is not quick sand I am trying to get out of, or the more I struggle, the quicker I sink an drown.


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