simply journal


I felt it, the anger. But the love is still there, still so strong. And now both are directionless and lost. All my emotions chase nothing but their tails; they can’t go anywhere…

I want to be something for them. I want my life to mean something to this world. I want the simplest thing that everyone wants; simple yet somehow so difficult…

I am still lost. I am still feel so much pain and sadness. At the end of the day, I am still empty, which may soon be filled with remorse… I think I’ve found my clarity, and lost some things when I picked it up.

How I feel and how much I feel will still be the same, but nothing else.

It’s a bit funny that I want to say “unless they…”

I am a madman with another universe inside my head. Now, I am writing. My mind is getting clearer, for better or worse… I am exploring my thoughts – my universe, and maybe one day, I will discover myself.

… Today was a day with complications.


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