simply journal

I had Japanese curry with grilled chicken for dinner today! It was awesome! But I forgot to bring a camera. Maybe I SHOULD get a smart phone, so I can take pictures of food like typical Asians. Waiting for iPhone 6…

I got seated next to the window, where the line waiting outside can exchange looks of awkwardness with me just by turning around. When I was eating a kid stood on his chair and stared at me. So naturally, I calmly, with all seriousness, stared back at him until he sat back down and go back to reading his children’s book… WIN!

“That’s a win! …Bitch!?” That smack talk came a bit late – after the dinner on the crowded street when I thought about it again. People probably couldn’t understand the first part because they don’t speak English, but the second part was a common word on TV and movies… it was a moment of awkwardness.

And if you were there, you could tell there was a rise at the end of that “bitch” because I barely use the word and I wasn’t sure if the application was correct… Fail. :P

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