simply journal – Love is giving…

Love is giving.

But I cleared my head and stopped to think about it.

Love is giving.

The things I did and tried to do… And what I am about to do will cost all my savings and more.

Is this worth it? I am in doubts.

Love is giving.

I never say what I give, but I wish they would notice. Do they even know?

Love is giving.

But sometimes, love is not enough. Words are not enough.

What they say… sometimes, just a little more efforts, even just some more words will comfort me.

Love is giving.

This is just love. It’s not a relationship. Frienship? Sometimes, I don’t know what this is any more.

Love is giving.

… is what I continue to tell myself.

I just realized how much I have been giving.

I just realized I don’t have much left to give…

If I can’t give any more, would they still remember me?

If I am reading my own story, would I say I have put my heart, though so little left, in the wrong place?

Love is giving.

I don’t think I matter as much to them as they are to me, and as to her and as she is to me, I won’t, don’t, can’t change the way I love them.

Because it’s love, uncontrollable and unpredictable…

Love is giving.

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