View from high above,
see what you see,
that, will last longer in time.

Feel from within, and love - truly.
Live free and care for what you love, freely.
Our heart is in our hands, and to give, willingly.

I look up into the sky,
cloudy, dark, or sometimes clear blue and starry...
I look at the wonder and think how small we are.

We look at what we see.
We think that is all we have.
It's already so big that we can't see anything behind it.

We fight for what is in front of us.
We fight for what we see
We fight for ourselves.

Is it enough?

We live for our responsibilities.
We live for our dreams.
We live for the moment.

Was it enough? No, we wanted more so we are here.
Is it enough? No, we want more so we are fighting.
Will it be enough? No, we will want more when we see more.

Take a step back and look again.
Travel the world and look again.
Close your eyes and look again.

What do you see now?
What do you need now?
What should we do now?

For us
For US
For the future

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