today’s random recipe – simple, somewhat fancy steak dinner at home (for 1-2)

I cooked some pretty nice steak for dinner… Here to share with you… with the recipe.


– Simple plain salted steak.

You need: A pan, a spatchula (just found out it’s not a real word, no wonder I can’t spell it), steak (I used boneless rib eye), garlic, butter, salt (I used sea salt), a big plate (doesn’t need to be nice and fancy, big plates makes things look more classy), fork and knife…


optional sides: potato, vege (I boiled crown broccoli), nothing too strong

optional beverages: soda (I had root-beer), beer, red wine, preferably a fresh taste


Prepare: very thin layer of salt on both sides of the steak, chopped garlic, sliced garlic on plate.



[fire power is suggestive to give you an idea; really depends on the stove; and honestly, I mostly follow my instincts]

1. Melt some butter in the pan; put fire on low

2. Throw some chopped garlic into the melted butter; put fire on medium

3. When the garlic pieces are semi-cooked, gather them together but slightly spread

4. put the steak (one at a time) on the garlic

5. put a cover on the pan; if want about medium done, put fire on medium; medium-well to well done on low fire.

6. check every once a while -> cook until the whole outside looks somewhat done

7. flip the steak. [the starting bottom side should look slightly burned, don’t worry, that’s the butter not the meat.]

8. cook for about 3 more minutes on high fire to get medium done. cook for longer on medium fire to get more well done. just turn on high fire and let it burn for a bit when about to finish.

9. place the steak on the plate

10. put the sides and other stuff on.



DON’T eat the garlic that was used to flavored the steak from the very beginning; those are very unhealthy and probably burnt.

Cut a piece of steak to try it plain first.

Then eat with raw garlic, salt, or black pepper… your choice.

You can use your own sauce too.


This was mine. I ate the broccoli separately with hummus. not bad.

from left to right on the side: raw garlic, black pepper, salt.

steak 1 This was my friend’s. steak 2 Include the broccoli, steak and garlic, this meal for 2 was about 20 US dollars.


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