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I didn’t realize until recently that I have much pride, and it probably has cost me quite a bit in some ways without me knowing. I don’t think I will change since it makes up many of my principles and makes me who I am. But I do wonder that “what if”, which we all ask ourselves every once a while.

Perhaps money wouldn’t be much of a problem if I didn’t care much of where money comes from. Perhaps I would be more successful in my career if I am less of a dreamer and put up with more of the rules of business. Or maybe if I am just more adaptable to the real world…

All kinds of opportunity have been offered to me – good ones and bad ones. Sometimes I just need to say yes… In many ways, I am a lucky man; these personal rules and preferences are quite some luxury.

I have doubts. Sometimes I think I will regret all of these one day.

But I have always stuck to my stupid rules and principles and turned down so many things that many others would fight for… I don’t know where this will lead me. Perhaps nothing, and maybe I will compromise one day. At least I am following my heart for the moment.

On the bright side, I am a dreamer. Or as some people would say, I am a stubborn pain in the crack.


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