simply journal

Life is moving backward because of a small mistake in academic… Disasters are made of small mistakes. I am not getting any younger. I don’t know what to do but panic.

I realize that I don’t move very fast and get stuck so often because I just don’t feel like I have the luxury to pursue what I really love. So I never did. I am in the field that I was good at – the field that had the most potential to reach expectation. Right now, I don’t have enough passion to motivate myself to work harder, go further, and eventually get something out of it. And I am at the level that having some talent at it isn’t good enough any more. I am having doubts – my mind isn’t on it most of the time, how do I make a career out of it?

I am lost. I think everything will be alright at some point. But some more things will definitely go wrong before I can figure this out.

At this moment, I am just glad that I put the music on random and it’s been playing the right songs.

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