simply journal

Today I took a 2-mile walk just to get outside.

I felt like I’ve never seen the sky so blue. And the shaded clouds that scattered around the sun made it look like the perfect background for a fairy tale journey.

And I smile when I looked up and saw the sky, because it’s blue, and just because of its blue.

I went to see a movie – Into the Woods. It was a great musical. It was not what I expected but it was great and I am still processing exactly how I think of it.

On the walk back, the moon had already came out. I’ve never noticed the night sky actually could be dark blue. The full moon wore the clouds like a dress, round and round around it with stars sparkled like laces and decoration that filled the rest of the image.

And I smiled and danced to my music.

I am a simple man, and it was a good day.


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