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I think the both of us are old enough, have seen enough, have watched enough, and have read enough about how relationship works, but when we actually get into it, we are young again, and just like doing anything else for the first time, we don’t know what we are doing.

I don’t think we are in love yet. I know I am attracted to her… in a very unique way that I can’t quite describe. I know that I love her smile and her gentle voice, and… well, I simply enjoy her company. But what gave me some courage to eventually ask her out was a sweet feeling that warms and melts my heart, which I can’t quite describe in words or even know exactly what it is. I enjoy this feeling though; very much so.

I don’t think she likes me or is even attracted to me. Well, she doesn’t know me just yet. As relationship is something new to her as well, she doesn’t know how to respond. I am so thankful for her effort. I have a feeling though; the reason she didn’t reject me was because she didn’t know how to reject me. She is just too sweet. I am thankful that she decided to give it a try.

It’s only been about a week. We both have been busy but I still tried… a bit too hard. As she felt a bit overwhelmed, we decided to take this spring break and give it some thoughts, such as where we are going with this. Maybe we will end up being friends and just friends, maybe we will be strangers again, or maybe we will give it another try. We’ll see.

We are both very rational people, which I am glad about. We can just talk and discuss the possibilities. But we are both introverts – the quiet type. Well, my somewhat craziness can take the lead at times, but it can be really challenging to make progress…

I wonder if there will be a start of a journey when we meet the next time.

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