a million wonderful things

We lay side by side looking into each other’s eyes, searching for one another. The only sound we could hear was our slow, heavy breaths.

I gently and slowly brushed her hair back again and again. It felt like hours had passed as we just lay there.

Her face slowly turned red and so did mine. As we were both drunk on the moment, I suddenly wanted to ask her a question.

I took back my hand to hold her face on the side. Then I closed my eyes and leaned in until our lips touched. I got my answer.

It was the first kiss for the both of us. We didn’t know what to do but we kept our lips together until we were out of breath.

It felt nice and peaceful. And then we giggled because we felt happy and silly.

She asked, “Should we google this?”

“Let’s just enjoy this moment,” I replied.

“But as scientists, we should experiment and research.”

We kissed again and again until we were tired. We still didn’t know how to kiss. We just giggled and pulled each other closer.

Then we just lay there and held on to each other. We enjoyed this little, warm peacefulness. And we wished for the moment to last forever.


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