project proposal – science fiction

[This is a random sci-fi idea that came to me in the middle of the night. BE WARNED: Incomplete plot and setting but enough grammar mistakes. The order is a bit messed up as well. It’s just an idea and a draft. Comment and like if you would like to see this story]
Supposedly great childhood memory is a nightmare to him. As she travels back with him to the beginning of his memories every night in his old “train home”, little bits of the cold hearted assassin come to light.
Always the same scene when he becomes so frightened and cries like a baby – the childhood version of him eating a watermelon with some other kids. Laughing in great joy until a kind old lady comes out and tell them to go wash their hands and get ready to go to church. They would scream and scatter with laughter… That’s when they stopped watching this memory. They couldn’t. He would scream with the greatest misery, shut all the windows and shivering in the corner of the train car as if he could hide from the end of the world there. She doesn’t understand. Is something going to happen next? Something so terrible that he becomes this killer…? Such wonderful childhood memories. She envies such memory. She had a poor childhood. Watermelon was a luxury that she had never heard of as a child. She is a bit angry at him, perhaps a bit jealous for having such wonderful memory. Whatever happens next, he still has some happy memories that she never had. Oh yes, she’s a killer too. But being raised to become a killer, she never had a piece a happiness in her life.
One night, she’s lost it. She can’t have such an unstable partner. And more importantly, she is furious at him for the happiness.
“What are you afraid of? You know what I had in place of your watermelon when I was a kid!? Goo! Fucking liquid food. And you know what I have to do to earn them!? Kill another kid in the camp!” She began to cry a little as she’s lost all of her self control to the shivering man in the corner. Then she whispered, “you had to kill another kid.” She remembered being so hungry and killed her best friend for the food… her best friend, or her first love. And he never fought back. Perhaps too hungry and weak, but she knew in her heart that she saw his smile when she looked at him as he bled to death. She knew.
Then for the first time she hear something from the shivered man.
“She is not my grandmother. She is not my grandmother! She IS NOT my grandmother!”
What? She is a bit confused. But she is still furious. And so she decided to open the window and keep watching.
“Noooo!” He screamed as she put her hand on the window. She even felt a little tension in the air (his ability), but she’s too angry to care. And she just opened it.
“That’s it? What the fuck?” It was just a peaceful scene at the church. The tension in the air was gone. He was back at his corner, shaking… “she is not my grand mother. She is not my grandmother.”
“That’s it!” She threw the window shut and decided to leave it. She was too tired to figure it out.
Another night she calmly ask him what are you afraid of exactly?
That’s not my grandmother. That’s not my grandmother.
Alright. So what? You are adopted. A lot of people have way worse than you. She doesn’t even bother getting angry with him now.
He screams. That’s not my grandmother! I didn’t eat watermelon. I didn’t go to church! I didn’t have friends! I didn’t live there!!
What? She pause for a moment… Then it suddenly hit her. These aren’t his memory. But they are in his mind. They are “his” memory… She shook a bit. What it might be scares her – class 3 mind control – memory implant.
This will be your partner.
She took the file, which has a big letter on top – T.
She is glad. No one has ever worked with T but his success rate is 100%. That means he’s good at his job. And more importantly, he’s good at staying alive.
Oh, he’s a quiet one. That’s good.
His base is an old train in the middle of nowhere… Well, not really nowhere, a huge ass jungle. How did this train get here!? Half the exterior of the train is rooted by trees. But somehow it has power and water supply in the modified cars.
At night, this train would go through the tunnel of memory of the owner. That is why he agreed to a partner, so he can go through somebody else’s memory instead of his.
At night, she first experienced their first mission in his perspective.
So how so we get to your base? I don’t really have a home. Oh an untraceable teleporter? Nice.
Initially he kept this train, so he could go through his memory with his parents (until they were killed). And the performance review is a pretty good function as he could see his missions and check all the things that he didn’t pay attention to. It was great until the mind control replaced his memory.
He chose to be a killer. Not really a cliche to avenge them because he already did. On the night they were killed, he found out that he is a natural killer.
This story was dreamt of in the perspective of “him” with all the fear he had in his train.
I am afraid this was not my dream.
Come, claim it.

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