Under The Moonlight

I started the first song of this EP when I was in high school. Along with many other songs I write, they are my personal musical journal –  a little bit of my journey and how I feel at the time. Although the quality of the sound wasn’t great, the volume was inconsistent, and even the beat was off at some point, it was in my own notes.

I am not a musician. Heck, I learned most of the instruments on my own (through online search). I am just glad that I could express my thoughts in sounds.

I finished the last part of this EP in 2013. I never thought to share it because it was somewhat personal. On top of that, I had no idea if it’s good enough to share because I can’t judge my own words. Recently, a friend listened to the album and encouraged me to share it as she enjoyed some of the tracks. So here I am…

Some of the songs are created with simulated instruments and some are recorded directly through electric instruments. Forgive me for the quality, I didn’t have the best tools.

Each track is something I’ve experienced at certain point. Hope you enjoy.


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