simply journal

What I think and how I feel are two very different things… two VERY different things.

I am thinking how stupid it is to love someone regardless of the distance. I am feeling the intensity of the presence of the someone in my heart.

I am thinking how it is perfectly reasonable to switch career paths (again and again) and try to follow my heart. I am feeling like a complete failure for not having everything “figured out”.

I am thinking how I am working the happiest job with the best coworkers ever. I am feeling like everyone hates me behind my back and I suck at my job.

I am thinking that I will be fine on my own for the rest of my life, which may be a short one. I am feeling the strong longing for love and the never-dying hope for life.

I am thinking happy thoughts with music in my ears. I am feeling depressed with a bottomless pit.

I am thinking how irrational my feelings are. I am feeling how ignorant my thoughts are.

I think I will be alright. I am jus feeling a bit sad. That’s all…


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