simply journal

The thoughts of life and death echoes in me… like a sound bounces around a large empty room…

It’s a shell. And like shells, it protects but also limits everything within. I am contained.

It seems the question is beyond me. Life and death and all that’s before and after are beyond my human comprehension.

And the shell is fragile. Every bounce off the wall feels like a knock on my soul, as if it is a self-protective warning. Breaking the shell just might be the end of me.

Perhaps this is the danger of being curious about everything at heart… it’s a sleeplessness night as these incomprehensible thoughts and ideas echoes uncontrollably in my mind.

Have you ever uncontrollably thought about something so much to a degree that you can no longer comprehend what you are thinking, yet, everything feels like they make sense and just keeps going till you feel like you have to forcefully stop yourself somehow or you would go crazy?

Almost as if I was on track to the meaning of life and death, and even the truth of the universe, but I would have to cross death first to be able to understand… because that is the limit of being human and the way of the universe.

Crazy thoughts. Fear. Curiosity… Let go. Sleep.

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