“Thinking about death makes you appreciate life. You find out what’s important in life.”

Michael Connell

Someone else probably thought of it before him, but I heard it from his stand up, and I think he is greatly underappreciated. I found motivational speech, positive energy, and comedy all on the same stage.


I haven’t seen the world. I haven’t done what I’ve always wanted to do.

I asked myself, have I done all that I could have done and given all that I could have given?

Looking back, and then telling myself, I hope I don’t want to look back again.

It’s never too late to live, is it?


“I Lived” by OneRepublic


I think a smile from the heart is the most beautiful natural makeup that anyone can have.

The following video is a fantastic short film from 2008. I recently came across this again… a reminder to give love and compliments often and freely.
Also, “lessons from a dog”:



classical people

This is me, with another universe in my head, waiting for someone to discover, to listen…

This is who I want to be, the best of friends and everything you need…

And this is who I can never be but I strive to be, with the bravest of hearts and strongest of soul, living to fight for more than myself…