status quo-te

I know I have to leave. With the way I feel, I know I will unconsciously and uncontrollably give her everything if I stay…

So what?


simply journal

Some dreams might be images of our subconscious and some dreams are just a projection of another us from another world. How else would it be so clear and so real?

In my sleep, we traveled to somewhere unfamiliar. It was an adventure; not because we were exploring the unknown but because we were expanding our little world together.

At the end of the day, we lied together with her in my arms. I felt her warmth. I kissed her on the forehead and on her lips. I told her my love and held her tighter until we finally fell asleep.

And I fell back to this world where I only have my imagination at my company. I envy me of perhaps another timeline. It seemed I had the whole world.

I still remember that warmth so well, even with a day has passed. I wonder what went differently in that world.